Mass Spectrometers

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

We share your passion for advancing knowledge. You seek to overcome the major challenges that are faced when deepening the understanding of disease, when protecting the food and water supply, and when enabling more efficient pharmaceutical discovery and development.

We consider ourselves successful when we deliver new and innovative mass spectrometry technologies that support your pursuit.

Our broad portfolio of mass spectrometers enables you to conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis across a wide range of applications.


TripleTOF 6600

TripleTOF® 6600

SelexION™ Technology

TripleTrap™ Scanning
TripleTrap™ Scanning

6500 Series with IonDrive™ Technology

6500 Series with IonDrive™

Over the last two decades, mass spectrometry has evolved from an esoteric technology used by specialized labs into an indispensable tool used by scientists and analysts in all types of laboratories around the world. Each new advance in mass spectrometry technology — from liquid chromatography tandem mass spec (LC/MS/MS) in the early days to the latest triple quadrupole time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometers today — has given investigators the power needed to address complex analytical challenges.

Unlike other techniques that measure a single analyte at a time or require extensive preparation, modern mass spectrometers can qualitatively and quantitatively measure multiple analytes simultaneously, with unparalleled speed, sensitivity, and accuracy.

Innovating since 1970, AB SCIEX is the undisputed global leader in mass spectrometry technology. Our scientists and engineers have built an unmatched portfolio of tools that include innovative mass spectrometers, intuitive mass spectrometry software, powerful pre-packaged methods and trusted reagents — all of which are part of workflows that simplify operation, improve performance, and get you results faster.

Whatever the size of your laboratory, and whatever your field — from basic research through drug discovery and development, food and environmental testing, forensic toxicology and clinical research – AB SCIEX has the mass spectrometry tools and software you need.

Explore our complete range of mass spectrometers.

  • TripleTOF® Systems – Mass spectrometry systems that uniquely integrate comprehensive qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows on a single platform
  • QTRAP® Systems – Mass spectrometers designed for metabolite identification, detection and confirmation of pesticides, and protein/peptide quantitation for biomarker verification and validation
  • Triple Quad™ Systems – Today's most sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometers. Get sensitivity and robustness for even the most complex matrices.
  • TOF/TOF™ Systems – These offer unmatched speed and sensitivity. They are the ideal platform for biomarker discovery, MALDI mass spectrometry imaging, and protein identification.