AB SCIEX Young Investigators Grant and Partnership Awards Programs

Academic Partnership Program

As budgets decline and competition for grant funding increases, securing scientific grant opportunities for LC/MS instrumentation has become more difficult.  In particular, young investigators and newly-recruited research faculty may be disproportionally affected by funding deficiencies, hindering efforts  to acquire high performance instrumentation and sustain a new research lab.   We have now expanded our Academic Partnerships Program to address the current economic barriers for the acquisition of LC/MS/MS instrumentation by new investigators – by providing industrial grants (Young Investigators Grant Program) and direct access to used and more affordable LC/MS systems.

The AB SCIEX Young Investigators Grant and Partnerships Award Program supports research programs in academic life sciences, clinical sciences, toxicology, and environmental sciences by providing limited financial assistance to select researchers whose work is aligned with our business strategy and LC/MS product development.  Applicants for the Young Investigators Grant Program must be new professors or principal investigators at degree-granting institutions in the United States or Canada within the first seven years of their appointment. Furthermore, a second tier of this program enables university core lab facilities and their affiliated principal investigators to apply for an Academic Partnership Award, which provides an exclusive discount towards the purchase of a premier LC/MS instrument when an academic-industrial partnership is established.  Applications submitted to either track will be reviewed by our scientific business leaders on an ongoing basis.  Please refer to the published deadlines to avoid missing these opportunities. For related inquiries, please email MSgrants@absciex.com.

Academic partnerships and its award programs are open to customers from accredited academic institutions worldwide.  Please note that the Young Investigators Grant Program is only available to applicants from academic institutions in the United States and Canada.  Not from US or Canada?

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