Grant Writing Support

Academic Partnership Program

Are you looking for answers to questions about a grant proposal that includes AB SCIEX equipment?

At AB SCIEX, we know that a lot of work goes into preparing a research proposal.  When you have questions about how an AB SCIEX product will help your research, we are here to help.  By contacting one of the regional contacts below, you can be sure that your concerns will be addressed by someone with a solid understanding of the technology and how it relates to your application area.  You can also be sure that they are familiar with the most common sources of research funding in your part of the world and can help you navigate the funding landscape.

Our specialists can help with issues such as:

  • Technical questions
  • Networking within your field
  • MS instrument demonstrations
  • Pilot data preparation for grant submission and more
  • Links to highly-trained AB SCIEX LC/MS operators seeking employment

Contact your specialist and take the next step toward having a new AB SCIEX instrument in your lab today.


Dr. Bridget Simons Brigitte Simons, PhD: Based in Toronto, Canada, Brigitte is the Academic Market Development Manager and Technical Sales Specialist Lead for North America and Brazil.  Her work has been focused in the fields of proteomics and lipidomics by quantitative mass spectrometry method design.  She supports several collaborations and partnerships within our academic programs at AB SCIEX, including Washington University in St Louis, University of Florida in Gainesville, University of Toronto, York University, The Mayo Clinic, University of Pennsylvania Veternary School, and Johns Hopkins University.
Publications: Pubs-Simons.pdf
Dr. Volker Kruft Volker Kruft, PhD: Volker graduated from the Free University of Berlin and obtained his PhD from the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics, specializing in protein biochemistry. He joined AB SCIEX in 1993 and held various positions in support, product management, and market development. Volker is member of the Board of the German Proteomic Society (DGPF).
Publications: Pubs-Kruft.pdf

Dr. Jason Neo

Jason Neo, PhD: Based in Singapore, Jason oversees proteomics and small molecules applications for AB SCIEX in South East Asia, Korea, and Australia/New Zealand. He has conducted application training for more than 50 customer labs and has over 10 years of experience in mass spectrometry.   He is actively involved in new method development, consultation services, and collaboration with customers in research.  For a selection of Jason's publications, click here.Publications: Pubs-Neo.pdf
Grant Writing Support in China Xinwen Zhou
Japan Takuichi Tsubata, PhD: Based in Tokyo, Takuichi has been with AB SCIEX for 10 years, starting as a field application specialist in the Protein Business Group. He is currently Technical Marketing Senior Specialist, focusing his work on protein analysis, metabolomics, and organic compounds analysis including polymers by mass spectrometry. He supports academic customers throughout Japan through consultation and collaboration.