SelexION™ Technology

SelexION™ Technology brings unprecedented analytical selectivity enhancements and data quality improvements for your most challenging assays.
SelexION™ Technology brings unprecedented analytical selectivity enhancements and data quality improvements for your most challenging assays.
SelexION™ Technology turns the worlds most sensitive triple quadrupole and QTRAP into the world's most sensitive and selective triple quadrupole and QTRAP.
Bring a new dimension of selectivity, simplicity and cost effective efficiency to your LC/MS/MS analysis.
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The AB SCIEX SelexION™ Technology device is an effective ion mobility spectrometry tool for improving data quality in the quantitation and characterization of challenging samples requiring advanced analytical selectivity.

SelexION™ Technology on the AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500 and 6500 Systems and QTRAP® 5500 and 6500 Systems delivers a new dimension of selectivity and performance for applications requiring the separation of isobaric species, elimination of challenging co-eluting contaminants, and reduction of high background noise.

  • Adds differential ion mobility spectrometry to the AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500, QTRAP® 5500,  Triple Quad™ 6500, and  QTRAP® 6500 Systems with a compact, easily-interchangeable unit
  • 25ms cycle time per MRM- matches cycle and run times with multi-component analysis and UHPLC time scales
  • Easy to mount/dismount - can be setup in less than two minutes without the need to break vacuum and does not require any tools
  • Integrated chemical modifier - ability to add a chemical modifer to increase peak separation power when needed
  • Stability and reproducibility - proven for regulated bioanalysis guidelines


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The AB SCIEX SelexION™ Device is an innovative achievement in differential ion mobility spectrometry. The SelexION™ Ion Mobility Spectrometry Tool has the reproducibility, robustness, and ease-of-use to deliver highly-selective, quantitative and qualitative analyses; the SelexION™ is compatible with UHPLC time scales over multiple MRM transitions simultaneously – all on the world's most sensitive triple quadrupole instruments and QTRAP® Platforms.

For scientists who are challenged by assays with isobaric interferences and difficult-to-separate, co-eluting contaminants, this fast, reproducible, and easy-to-use approach will enhance the selectivity of your LC/MS/MS separations.

SelexION™ Technology takes the world's most sensitive triple quadropole instrument and the QTRAP® System and adds a new dimension of selectivity to enhance quantitative and qualitative performance.

Scan SpeedThe device can acquire data for a single MRM transition in 25 msec, including the inter-scan pause time of 20 msec.  Four-fold faster than cylindrical ion mobility.  Amenable to multiple analyte analysis and UHPLC time scales.
Tuning StabilityThe optimum compensation voltage (COV) does not shift by more than 10% of the DMS peak width (full width at half height, typically 2.5V) at a fixed separation voltage (SV) over 24 hours on an equilibrated system operating under standard DMS resolution gas setting. Suitable for quantitative/regulated lab applications.
Integrated Chemical ModifierCan increases the ion mobility separation power by up to 10-fold.
Mounting and DismountingUser mountable and dismountable without the need for tools or breaking vacuum.  Compact design takes less than two minutes to install or remove at room temperature.
Scheduled MRM™ Algorithm SupportCompatible with the Scheduled MRM™Algorithm that provides automatic, dynamic adjustment of MRM transitions during acquisition, such that only compounds that elute within a specified time window are monitored, allowing the system to dynamically schedule MRM scans during the experiment.
Reproducibility & Robustness SelexION: Reproducibility and RobustnessProven to meet regulated bioanalysis guidelines.
A Clear Difference SelexION: A Clear DifferenceInjection of clenbuterol at 5 pg/µL in urine. (a) High chemical noise makes detection impossible. (b) Differential ion mobility spectrometry with SelexION™ Technology increases selectivity and eliminates the high background, producing a 10-fold improvement in signal-to-noise.
Background-Checked SelexION: A Clear DifferenceStable-isotope-labeled synthetic peptides generated for quantitation of a therapeutic IgG in digested human plasma showed much cleaner MRM signals at the same on-column amount when an ion mobility separation was performed.  This yielded a five-fold improvement in the LLOQ that was achieved on-column.
Above the Noise         SelexION: A Clear DifferenceSignificantly reduce and eliminate isobaric intereferences and co-eluting contaminants.  Grapefruit extract fortified with conazole degradant products at 0.01 mg/kg.  Samples were kindly supplied by R.Schoening, Bayer CropScience, Monheim, Germany and J.Jasak, Technical University, Institute of Food Chemistry, Dresden, Germany.
Multiplied Selectivity    SelexION: A Clear DifferenceImproving quantitation by reducing structurally-similar interferences.  A 30 µL injection of eicosanoids standard mix containing prostaglandin F (PGF). (a) Interference with structurally-similar species leads to difficulties in identification and quantitation.  (b) SelexION™ Technology eliminates isobaric interferences and chemical background.