For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Explore our complete range of mass spectrometry software that is intuitive, versatile, and accurate.

Analyst® Software offers powerful tools for automating method development, data analysis review, and reporting.

  • Automates MS to MS/MS acquisition with Information-Dependent Acquisition (IDA) mode
  • The Scheduled MRM™ Algorithm uses overlapping MRM monitoring periods to maximize quantitative performance and accuracy
  • Provides easy database searching, traceability, security, and tools for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

BioPharmaView™ Software offers a powerful new solution for automating core workflows. It incorporates exceptional investigative capabilities, enables faster method development and provides excellent change control monitoring.

  • Better investigation capability
  • Developing better methods, faster 
  • Better capability to monitor control of changes 

Bio Tool Kit Software provides the most commonly-needed functions for the characterization of biomolecules by mass spectrometry, including intact protein spectral deconvolution and manual sequence tagging.

  • Better investigation capability
  • Developing better methods, faster 
  • Better capability to monitor control of changes 

Cliquid® Software for routine screening and quantitation provides a simple, four-step workflow for LC/MS/MS analysis.

  • Offers multiple, pre-configured iMethod™ Applications, including libraries and MRM catalogues for food, environmental, forensic, and clinical research analysis
  • Bi-directional LIMS compatibility with any LIMS or LIS
  • Barcode reading for "chain of custody" workflows

DiscoveryQuant™ Software improves the speed of analysis and information gathering of pre-candidate drugs.

  • The Optimize module performs a rapid, single-injection compound optimization on every compound using a unique MRM-based approach and then populates a database with this information
  • The Analyze module uses the same database to access MS methods for use in assays
  • The database can be shared among labs and among sites around the world to allow collaboration with colleagues and avoid duplicating efforts.

LightSight® Software for metabolite identification

  • Seamlessly create data acquisition methods based on the structure of the drug and analyze and mine the resulting data
  • Simple, clear data-processing that supports quick, effective decision-making
  • Exhaustive sets of biotransformations are built into the software or you can build custom biotransformation sets

LipidView™ Software streamlines the molecular characterization and quantification of lipid species from electrospray MS data.

  • Profile lipids by searching parent and fragment ion masses against a lipid fragment database containing over 25,000 entries
  • Streamlines a number of key steps such as automated data processing derived from template methods, method editing and selection, lipid species identification, comprehensive isotope contribution removal, multiple internal standards-based quantification, visualization, and result reporting

MarkerView™ Software for metabolomics and biomarker profiling across multiple samples

  • Align mass and retention time to ensure accurate comparison of identical compounds in different samples
  • Process data using classified and/or non-classified workflows such as principal component analysis or T-tests
  • Generate custom reports to track your work and record potential biomarkers

MetabolitePilot™ Software for TripleTOF® Systems streamlines the detection and identification of metabolites for drug discovery.

  • Simple, clear data-processing that supports quick, effective decision-making
  • Exhaustive sets of biotransformations are built into the software, or you can build custom biotransformation sets/li>
  • Enables inter-sample and intra-species metabolite correlation analysis

MultiQuant™ Software processes MRM data for quantitative information with a comprehensive user interface for superior data visualization.

  • SignalFinder™ Integration Algorithm allows more reliable integration and less user intervention and extends the dynamic range functionality
  • Audit trail functionality makes data review easier
  • Streamlined electronic signature functionality improves productivity without sacrificing data queries
  • Supports multi-analyte/MRM transition workflows such as peptide quantitation assays

PeakView® Software offers a qualitative review of LC/MS and MS/MS data for the TripleTOF® Systems, enabling users to explore and interpret mass spectral data with special tools for processing accurate mass data, structural interpretation and batch analysis.

  • Processing parameters can be applied across large sample sets saving time during data processing and review
  • Filter data based on criteria such as quality, mass defect, and isotopic pattern
  • Specialized tools such as Formula Finder and Structure Elucidation enable detailed investigation and characterization at the molecular level
  • Includes innovative applications that help you see more and do more; SWATH Acquisition, Bio Tool Kit and MasterView Software 

ProteinPilot™ Software streamlines protein identification and quantitation.

  • Searches for hundreds of biological and other modifications, genetic variants, and unexpected cleavages simultaneously with the Paragon™ Algorithm
  • Distinguishes protein isoforms, protein subsets, and suppresses false positives
  • Intelligently determines all search parameters using the unique user interface – no need for informatics expertise
  • Supports quantitative workflows using SCIEX iTRAQ®, ICAT®*, and SILAC™ Reagents

*ICAT® is a registered trademark of the University of Washington and is exclusively licensed to AB SCIEX Pte. Ltd.